Author Guidelines


(Manuscripts that do not adhere to the guidelines will be rejected)

1. The manuscripts' content should be original—the result of research or community service, related to the theme of communication or media, and never be published/accepted for publication in other journals or publications.

2. Manuscripts must be in English of at least 4000 words and no more than 6000 words (excluding abstracts, references, author bios, and acknowledgments). Each manuscript should have an abstract (150-200 words) and 3-5 keywords. Manuscripts must comply with these requirements to be considered for review. 

3. All manuscripts must be typed in Microsoft Word with single spacing, Times New Roman, font 12. Margins are to be set at Normal (2.54cm all round) and paper sized at A4 (21 x 29.7cm).

4. The authors are required to send the manuscript in (.docx) format.

5. The writing systematics includes:

  • (a) Title with no more than 12 words
  • (b) Author(s)'s Name,
  • (c) Author(s)'s Affiliation,
  • (d) Author(s)'s E-mail Address,
  • (e) contact person (contributor author)
  • (f) Abstracts between 150 - 200 words followed by 3-5 keywords contain research problem(s), objectives, methods, concepts, discussions, and results.
  • (g) Introduction, which includes interesting points and a brief formulation of the research context, clear and specific research objectives, and literature review,
  • (h) Methods, which is presented in paragraph form regarding the study design, data sources, data collection techniques, and real-data analysis conducted by the researchers,
  • (i) Results and Discussion, which explains the analysis of research data and research questions,
  • (j) Conclusion is not a summary. You shouldn't repeat the same descriptive sentence. This should contain a statement(s) that makes a real contribution to the related field of science. It may also serve as reference material and material for theoretical evaluation for further similar research/articles,
  • (k) Acknowledgments with at most 100 words.
  • (l) References must be primary and up-to-date, with at least 20 references.

6. References. Expect a minimum of 20 references within the last 10 years, primarily with a minimum of 80% from journals and 20% from textbooks/e-books and secondary data.

7. References are arranged alphabetically in the APA (American Psychological Association) 7th style using Recommended tools such as Mendeley software.

8. Figures and Tables are given a caption following the text's description and must be mentioned in the paragraph. Avoid using sentences: Table/Figure below..; Table/Figure following..; etc.

9. The authors are to check manuscripts for accuracy of language before submitting them to the journal. The Editorial Board will not edit submitted manuscripts for style or language (Please refer to the template given below)*** 

10. Manuscripts submitted to Mediator: Jurnal Komunikasi must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere, either in electronic or printed form. The corresponding author should declare this when submitting the paper to the Chief Editor.

11. Mediator: Jurnal Komunikasi retains the right to distribute accepted manuscripts electronically, but the authors will retain their copyright. If authors wish to republish the article, they must write to the Chief Editor and acknowledge Mediator: Jurnal Komunikasi as the original publisher.

12. Authors are expected to proofread their work before submitting manuscripts carefully ***

13. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make editorial changes to any manuscript accepted for publication to enhance clarity and style. Endnotes and footnotes are not encouraged. 

14. Attach a letter of originality when submitting it in the supplementary column. The letter of originality template can be downloaded at this link.

  • Manuscripts not adhering to the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES will not be considered for review. Please adhere to the guidelines listed to prevent rejection or resubmitting. Sent a PDF file will also not be accepted as the file type cannot be edited for the review process.

Template Mediator: Jurnal Komunikasi Download